Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review (Smiling Baby)


Anyone who has been around a teething baby knows it is horrible! With all the products on the market aimed at helping the baby cope with teething you would think it would be simple to find a good one right? Wrong, after trying several different things that were suppose to help with teething I gave up and figured I would just have to deal with a cranky baby. Then I tried an Amber teething necklace, I thought what the heck it is cute if nothing else. I was very surprised to see that shortly after putting on the necklace my son was smiling and playing rather than screaming and wanting held.

This is the Smiling Baby raw amber teething necklace

This is the second teething necklace we have used with Scott. This necklace is just wonderful. The amber is a matte finish and offers a alternative look to the other shiny amber necklaces. The length of this necklace is great, it was able to fit on my little chuncker. We had issues with another brand where the necklace was too short. This necklace comes with a beautiful bag and I love that it has a paper to tell you the benefits of the necklace. We use ours several times a week while he is teething.  This has helped him and he seems to feel better while wearing it. I do worry a little bit about the necklace around this neck and often we use the necklace as a bracelet on his leg.



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**I received this product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product.**


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