What Are You Reading?? Week of February 13, 2016

This week I read a lot of children’s books for reviews. The great thing about reading books for kids is that you can read them very quickly and not be too invested in them waiting for the next book to come out! ❤



Spike The Dinosaur

This is a cute book of dinosaur stories, my kids liked the stories and the pictures. They also thought the jokes were funny. This is a good book for any young dinosaur lover!




Tongue Twisters For Kids

This book has some good tongue twisters but there are a lot that do not make sense at all. They are not hard to say and the words are just nonsense. Overall I think this is cute and a good way to get kids to practice tongue twisters. I would recommend this for people just starting with tongue twisters because they are easily done.




125+ Funny Jokes

This book is a mix of decent joke and ones that do not really make that much sense. As an adult I found several humorous but Jordan, who is 6, found the jokes to be a lot funnier than I did. This is a great book for young kids because many of the jokes are simple and they are able to read the jokes themselves.





Happy Monsters

These are cute monster stories.We loved these monster stories at our house!  Our favorite was the one about the holiday monsters. It was cute to have a monster for every holiday. The jokes are pretty cute too and Jordan loved them she was laughing at each one saying it was the funniest. It was cute to have the under the bed monsters be nice and cuddly.



Bedtime Stories For Kids

These short stories are pretty cute. I was confused by the age in every story. I liked that the stories were all based on things that kids do, like imagine they are going to space, having their toys dress up, and having magical items. Our favorite was the story with the magic gem! We would love to read a story that expanded on that story to see what other adventures the girl goes on and what she wishes for with the gem.




Julia Jones’ Diary Book 1 My Worst Day Ever!

I think this book definitely reminds people of being in high school. I think we all had someone in our lives that was our Sara. This book is a journey of a girl who finds out she gets to be a big part of a musical and is pumped only to have a bunch of unexpected things happen and turn it into a horrible day. After reading this I feel like I NEED to read book 2, I want to know what happens to Julia and if Sara is the problem or not. Also will Julia get the guy??? This is a book series!




Jokes For Kids

This book is full of funny jokes. Some of them are very similar and a couple are in the book twice but there are enough jokes in the book that it does not matter. There are a lot of jokes that I have not heard before, which is important with joke books, no one wants to pay for a book of jokes they already know. This book has a wide range of topics for the jokes as well, there are animal jokes, food jokes, and even some about places. The kids thought this books was hilarious.

My favorite joke is:
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Art who?
It is great especially because the Star Wars movie came out and everyone is all about that.




Willy The Whale

The stories in this book are cute! My two year old loved the stories, his favorite was the one where the whales sang. He liked that the whale was a baby and was with his mom. These are adorable stories that teach young kids about whales. They do not try to teach too much, just enough for the child to like the story and learn a little bit while they hear it.





The last book I read this week was actually one I found on Freebooksy. This book is wonderful! It is about a woman who is told a foretelling about how she will die. It is full of twist and turns as you try to discover the meaning of the foretelling. As the story progressing the killer in the foretelling can be several different people, can you figure out who it is before it’s too late?



**Several of these books I received for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on these books**



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