The Perfect Man Lovers Valentines Day Gift Review

This kit is cute, but not really anything impressive. I love the pen and the chocolate guy was delicious, but the back scratcher and handcuffs were cheap and useless. This all came in a clear plastic bag with a pink ribbon on the top so you can order it and give it without doing anything to it.


Jordan and I ate the head and feet off the man! SO good!

The Pen:
It is super cute, mine came in purple. The gems are on very nicely and I have not had any come off. It writes in black which was a slight disappointment, I thought it would write purple but it is still nice and more useful that it is black I suppose. My 6 year old decided to steal this to write out her valentines and I do not think I will be getting it back any time soon. 🙂

The Perfect Man:
“He’s Sweet And Decadently Rich! Just How A Man Ought To Be!” This was the last part I looked at and I expected him to be made of cheap chocolate or that chocolate flavored candy, I was happily surprised to find he is made a good chocolate! Ours came with his head broke off but you know what a headless man made of chocolate is okay in my book. Next time I will just buy the Perfect Man alone and save the money on the extra plastic!


The handcuffs broke and we lost the keys 🙂

The Back Scratcher:
It is made of red plastic and says “Back Scratcher and Anything Else that Tickles Your Fancy” not exactly sure what that means but okay. It is not very sturdy and bends when if you put too much pressure on it. The kids like it because it looks like a hand so they were using it to scare each other, maybe that is the real use!

The Handcuffs:
When I ordered this I expected them to be cheap plastic and I was fine with it because I did not buy it for them anyways, but these are ridiculously cheap. I took them off the cardboard and they seemed alright, cheap but all in one piece. We tried them on my daughter and they worked fine, there are keys but you do not really need them because the release is so big that it is easier to use that. My son was playing with them and one side broke off the chain, I picked them up and the rest fell apart as well. On a positive note though, the fuzzy material around them looked very nice and they had black hearts on the front which was cute!

* *I received this gift set for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This has not influenced my opinions of the products.**



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