Peaceable Kingdom Butterfly Tattoo Valentines Review

It’s February! Which means the stores are filled with hearts and pink and red everything. You know if you have kids in school they will need valentines to take for the classroom exchange, because in elementary school everyone is your valentine! You also know that if you take your child to the valentine section of the store you are going to be standing there FOREVER! Little kids have to consider all the options when picking out valentines, I mean come on this is 1st grade we are talking about! Well Peaceable Kingdom has you covered! They have tons of different themed valentines that come with tattoos, every kids favorite right? 🙂


We received the Butterfly set to review!

We received the butterfly set to try out and give an honest review about! This set is fantastic! There is more than enough for the average classroom exchange, which is great because my daughter always has friends in other classes she wants to give cards to. With this set you get 28 cards, 28 envelopes, and 28 tattoos. There are four different card styles and four different tattoo styles included with plain while envelopes. The cards are a good size and pretty sturdy for a valentine. They do not have to fold to be placed into the envelopes and there are little slits to put the tattoo into the card. The back of the card has a place for the to and from names, so it is easy to read who it is from. I find it a little bit odd that the to and from is on the back of the card when they go into envelopes but I guess it is so after the card is open the kids know who they are from.



Here are the different cards that come in the pack.

So of course next was getting a wet wash cloth and trying out these tattoos! Jordan wanted one on her hand and Austin does not like them at all so that left me with three! The tattoos are really good quality, they are simple to put on and the whole tattoo comes off onto the skin easily. The colors are bright and you can see all the details of the butterflies when you have them on. I have been wearing them for a couple days now and I am surprised that they have stayed on well through dishes and bath time with the boys.


Here are the three I got.

Overall this was a great buy and I am sure we will be returning to their Amazon page next year for another set, maybe the Scratch and Sniff Chocolate Monsters? Who knows!

**I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review, this does not influence my opinions or feelings towards this product!**


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