Recap On January Product Reviews!


Taken February 1, 2016

So here is where I stand on Amazon after working on reviews through January. Unfortunately I was not really thinking when I started reviewing and did not write down or take a picture of my ranking, so I do not know for sure what it was. I do know that it was 600,000 something when I started so I feel pretty good about the change I have made in a month. I have even received emails asking me to reviews books from authors so that is just great! 🙂

The majority of my reviews have come from free kindle books simply because I can read them in a couple hours and put a review. The most popular type of books I have been reviewing is Minecraft books. My daughter loves everything Minecraft, so when we found the books we knew they would be something we would have. We have read about zombies, villagers, Steve, and random books that just use Minecraft as a starting part!

This month has brought a ton of great items into my life. I am pretty sure the person at the Post Office either loves me or hates me I don’t know which, we have been getting tons of boxes! Some of the great things I have got include a jump rope, tattoo valentines, a valentines day kit, a selfie stick, shampoo, mud masks, running band, a water infuser bottle, and a ton of kindle books.Some pictures of the great things include:


Some wonderful makeup removing wipes!


The Young & More water infuser bottle!


An amber teething necklace from Balt Wonder!


The Smash Terminator xae running band!




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