The Best Things Are Free: Sharing My Love of Crowdtap

We all know that love, friendship, and family are wonderful and are meant to be free but realistically you need more than that in life. You need to have food and shelter and clothes and it is super nice to have luxuries like books, music and games. This post is going to focus on the fun side of free stuff rather than the necessities because we I can’t really give you love or family… if you wanna be my friend than hit me up and we can be friends 🙂

     I love the idea of trying new products for free or super cheap, like it is just the  best feeling ever. I did couponing once… I have two binders and tons of page protectors. I would feel horrible if the person in front of me in line had something that I had a coupon for but I forgot that binder…. too loving. ❤ And I may have became a psycho couponer…. My SO would tell our kids not to touch mommy’s binder or she will go crazy…. and it was not too far off. While I do still do coupons from time to time I do not put the effort into have a binder and getting the Sunday papers anymore. It is a lot of work and hey I have three kids at home 🙂 So now I focus more on sites that offer me the chance to try new products for a review or give out samples!

My favorite by far right now is Crowdtap! It is just the absolute best! There is no guarantee that you will get picked for the samples or the gift cards at the end of the month but it is just set up to be super easy! You go on and answer some polls for the brands, post a picture or two, and share a couple ads and you have an entry into the gift card drawing for that month! I have been using this site since the week of Thanksgiving 2015 and I have won a total of 12 gift cards! All of mine have been $5 but there are $25, $50, and $100 ones in the different crowds! I go on Crowdtap daily and do the polls and some of the missions if they do not require a lot of work, basically I put about an hour into it if that. I have received a good number of sample kits as well.

There was ListerineIMG_1788.JPG

And Sweet N Low


Sahal Snacks, Advil, PlaySkool.


Yep that’s right we got the Rainbow Dash Friendship Bus for review! The kids love it and play with the ponies all the times, but we are pony people here 🙂

I think the best thing is that the gift cards that are given out are for places that people actually use! Amazon, E bay, and  Walmart are the only ones I know of right now but those are three big companies!

I like to use my Amazon ones to buy the stuff off my wishlist so that I don’t really have to pay out of pocket for my craft supplies for my videos! There is not a reward for having people sign up I just want everyone to know about this site because if I was not a member I would want to know this was an option! So go sign up for Crowdtap and who knows maybe next month you will be the winner of a $100 gift card!


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